Meet Invite Night - Where Everyone's Invited!


After relocating to Sherwood Park, Alanna and Ryan struggled with meeting new people. Being too old for the club scene but too young for "mommy and me" provided some serious hurdles in expanding their social circle. From the couch in their living room they created Invite Night! - a service to provide local events to socialites in Edmonton.


It was a perfect fusion of Alanna's love of hosting (just ask their friends) and Ryan's drive and skill. Like coffee and chocolate or Sriracha and KD, their passion and skill set blended perfectly. All they needed was a dash of Heather.

Voilà! Invite Night was born!


They love what they've created and they think that you'll love it too.


Meet Alanna, our fearless leader and lead event coordinator. With a background combining
hospitality and managerial aspects, Alanna has what it takes to ensure events are fun, well
organized, and run as smooth as possible. Often referred to as “the most organized person
you’ve ever met”, Alanna knows how to get it done and keep everything on track.
With a love for good coffee and any DIY project, Alanna is constantly on the look out for cool
venues to host Invite Night events. She has been hosting small scale crafting and baking events
from her home for over 5 years, and is excited to expand with Invite Night.

Vintage Camera

Alanna Grant

The Administrator

Founder | Event Coordinator

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Heather Kuhl

The Logic

Co-Founder | Event Coordinator

Meet Heather, Co-Founder of Invite Night. When Heather was approached by Alanna to start
hosting fun events in the Edmonton area for socialites, she couldn’t resist being involved!
Growing up, Heather’s grandparents owned a successful local bakery; from a young age, Heather
developed her passion for baking, hospitality, and experimenting!
Heather loves to travel (seriously, she’s been to a LOT of places) and enjoys scotch and craft
beer tasting. With a background consisting of baking and pastry, catering and event
management, as well as accounting and bookkeeping, Heather really is all the logic behind Invite

Night. Bring any idea to Heather, and she will work out all the logistics – from numbers to
coordination, to the best type of beer to serve, Heather’s got it under control.

Meet Ryan, Business Development guru for Invite Night. Need someone to coordinate the
development of a logo? Create a pretty dope website? Carry heavy boxes to the car? Ryan’s your
Ryan has a background in real estate, investments, and small business management and is
excited to lend his expert skills to grow and expand Invite Night. With a keen eye for style, Ryan
is consistently working behind the scenes to grow and develop the Invite Night brand into
something recognizable. You’ll also see him helping out at events – set up, take down, taste
testing the snacks, and professing his love for Joe Rogan.

Image by Paul Gaudriault

Ryan Piehl

The Heavy Lifter

Business Coordinator  | Marketing